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なだ万 企業情報


 NADAMAN fully acknowledges the importance of protecting the personal information of our customers, and will strain to protect such personal information by obeying the related laws.

1.Acquisition of personal information
NADAMAN will acquire the personal information of our customers by obeying the law and following the proper procedure.
2.Use of personal information
NADAMAN will use the acquired personal information within the scope of use it specified upon acquiring such information, only when such use is necessary for conducting its business. It will notify or announce any changes in its scope of use. When assigning a third party to handle such personal information, NADAMAN will make a strict inspection of such third party, and will provide appropriate supervision to make the said third party retain the confidentiality of the information.
3.Provision of personal information to a third party
Unless when designated by law, NADAMAN will not provide any personal information to a third party, without acquiring the consent of the said individual.
4.Control of personal information
NADAMAN will maintain the accuracy of the personal information, and will manage it safely. It will also take the appropriate measures to properly control the information, in order to avoid the loss, damage, alteration or leakage of any private information.
5.Disclosure, correction, use stoppage and elimination of private information
When requested by the individual to disclose, correct, stop the use or eliminate his/her private information, NADAMAN will swiftly do so, within the rational term and an appropriate scope. If there are any questions or opinions on NADAMAN's handling of private information, kindly contact our Customer Service Room.
NADAMAN will appoint a personal information protection supervisor to properly control any personal information., We will also conduct training related to the protection and proper control of personal information to our directors and employees, in order to thoroughly control the handling of any personal information in our daily business activities.

April of 2005