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なだ万 企業情報


NADAYA Mansuke opened a restaurant in Osaka, which became the basis of today’s “NADAMAN”, an exclusive, Japanese-style restaurant.
Opened “NADAMAN-RO”, a restaurant serving Nagasaki-based Osaka dishes.
During the 1890s
Opened a general foodstuff store, a pioneer existence of today’s super market, and started selling bread, one of the latest products in those days.
NADAMAN continues to live in writers’ works, too.
KUSUMOTO Mansuke, the third heir of NADAMAN, is chosen as retinue cook to attend Duke Saionji’s* trip to Europe.
Receiving high acclaim, KUSUMOTO receives the permission to use the ‘Igeta’ mark, the original family emblem of the Sumitomo that had a close relationship with Duke Saionji.

*Duke Saionji: SAIONJI Kinmochi(1849-1940). Serving as the Former Minister to Austria and Germany, he also head the position of Minister Plenipotentiary at the Paris Peace Conference and so on.
Opened a foodstuff specializing department store at Kitahama 2-chome in Osaka.
Also started operating a Western-style hotel.
Its jazz performance at its restaurant came to be known as “NADAMAN Jazz”.
Opened a Japanese restaurant inside the Imperial Hotel main building in Tokyo.
Transferred the main restaurant from Imabashi in Osaka to the Japanese garden to The New Otani Hotel In Tokyo. Named the new restaurant “SAZANKA-SO, NADAMAN Main Restaurant”
Opened the first overseas restaurant at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong.
Tokyo Summit formal banquet hosted by the then Prime Minister Nakasone, is held at SAZANKA-SO.
Receives high acclaim from the attending country leaders including President Reagan(US) and Prime Minister Thatcher(UK).
Opened a general Japanese restaurant called “NADAMAN HINKAN” at Shinjuku Odakyu Manhattan Hills, offering the four Japanese food genres of sushi, tempura, teppan steak and typical Japanese dishes.
Opened the first “NADAMAN CHUBOW” at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main department store, selling takeaway lunch boxes and ready-to-serve dishes.
Opened “Super Dining ZIPANGU” on the top floor of Akasaka Tokyu Hotel(current Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu). ZIPANGU is a new type of restaurant occupying a total floor space of 1,525 square meters, the largest among all domestic branches.
In response to the request of Japan Association, opened a Japanese food restaurant at Expo 2005 Aichi Japan for the 2005 World Exposition, and is received well.